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H-AI plush sharks & co.

Welcome at H-AI plush sharks & co. where we offer only the cutest handmade shark plushies! Have a look at our store window and order a fluffy shark friend today!

In H-AI plush sharks & co. you team up with H-AI a shark AI to design and build cute shark plushies. Although H-AI gives his very best and even visited a sewing course last week, he sometimes gets a little off track with the orders. But luckily you are there to supervise him and point out one or another mistake.


  • Build the cutest sharks to sell in your store
  • Manage incoming orders. Be careful, some people order really weird stuff!
  • Supervise H-AI, inspect his orders and get them shipped!

Controls (Keyboard & Mouse):

  • WASD: Walk
  • E: Start Computer / Pickup Box / Drop Box
  • F11: Fullscreen


Code & Gamedesign by xeetsh
Art & Gamedesign by NemaWasTaken
Music and Sounds by our dear friend Feint

All assets were created during the jam.

Font used from: https://www.dafont.com/shark-handwritten-abc.font

Entry for WOWIE Jam 4.0


shark.zip 58 MB

Install instructions

Unzip shark.zip and run shark.exe

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