RC1.1.0 - SKINS!

Hey everyone and welcome to the first update to Feverfish! The initial release was three weeks from now and what a time we had! No, really: Thank you all so much for playing the game and giving feedback. It means a lot to me! Although I've already started working on another game (Stay tuned! It'll be great!) I've fixed a lot of bugs and added a few things to Feverish:

New Features:

  • Skin System - Reach the sea to unlock different skins for Finn
  • Trophies for reaching the sea so you can prove your friends how skilled you are


  • The end tunnel now spawns at a score of 15000 where it should spawn
  • Voice clips no longer play randomly in the pause menu
  • The intro clip only plays if you are in tutorial mode (automatically deactivated if you reached 5000)
  • Game loading works much faster
  • If the game fades out (e.g. for resetting) it will no longer fade out twice sometimes
  • A lot of stuff shader loading stuff you hopefully never have to worry about

The game is now like 19% cooler! Don't worry, your high score will still also be available after updating, so update now!


Thank you so much for playing!


P.S.: Stay tuned, more FishFacts™ will be added soon!




Windows 72 MB
Apr 26, 2018
macOS 77 MB
Apr 26, 2018
Linux 96 MB
Apr 26, 2018

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